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Safety Certificates

Most light vehicles in Queensland require a safety certificate when they are sold or registered, and most heavy vehicles require an inspection every 12 months. I am fully licensed to carry out safety and machinery inspections, and to issue the certificates for vehicles to pass these inspections.

Inspections performed at the workshop:

  • Light Vehicle Safety Inspection (Cars): $82.85
  • Light Trailer Safety Inspection: $42.90
  • Heavy Vehicle Machinery Inspection: $118.25
  • Heavy Trailer Safety Inspection: $67.05

If your vehicle does not pass the first inspection, then I can also make the necessary repairs for you, or you have 14 days to otherwise have the repairs made, and have the vehicle re-inspected.

You are required to pay for the inspection whether it passes or not, however if it fails and you have it re-inspected by me within 14 days then the second inspection will be free.

If your car has just failed a safety certificate with another inspector, and you have done nothing to the car, it is unlikely that we will pass it.

If you would like to increase your chances of having your vehicle pass the roadworthy inspection, then you should check the following:

  • Battery is charged and connected, so that lights and engine can be checked.
  • Battery is firmly and securely held place with a suitable bracket.
  • ALL lights must be working, including high and low beam, licence plate bulbs, brake lights, reverse lights, indicators. All light covers should be complete and free of holes or cracks.
  • Windscreen must be free from cracks and large stone chips.
  • Windscreen wipers and windscreen washers must be in working order.
  • ALL seatbelts must be in working order, and fully accessible i.e. not down the back of seats.
  • 50% of windows must open and close.
  • ALL doors must open from the outside.
  • If it is a hatchback, the gas struts must support the hatch fully.
  • Tyres must be suitable for the car and have sufficient tread. The spare tyre is not a roadworthy item.

PLEASE NOTE: Our mechanics WILL NOT pass a roadworthy certificate where a vehicle has defects.

So, contact Mechanic Ipswich to organise your light or heavy vehicle inspection.

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